Safety and Health

Safety and health management system

Samil Spinning Co., Ltd. prioritizes the safety and health of its employees and partners' employees and strives to provide a safe working environment. We regularly establish and supplement company-wide safety policies and support safety inspections through the company-wide safety management committee, while continuously carrying out safety audits and regular monitoring to respond to corporate responsibilities and obligations reinforced by the enforcement of the Serious Accidents Punishment Act in 2022. (Ministry of Employment and Labor in Korea) In addition, the person in charge of each process directly discovers risk factors within the business site through annual risk assessments and preferentially supplements those with high risk levels.

Operation of safety and health programs

In order to establish a safety culture within the company, the company conducts regular and occasional industrial safety education and training for our executives and employees. Furthermore, the company operates various programs such as health checkups, COVID-19 kit support, and distribution of safety guides and continue to provide relevant assistance.

Human rights

Human rights management policy

Samil Spinning Co., Ltd. prohibits human rights violations against any stakeholder across the business value chain, and has enacted and applied to all business sites a human rights policy in which its philosophy of respecting the human rights of all members is reflected. The human rights policy stipulates detailed operational guidelines for prohibition of discrimination and forced labor, etc., and Samil Spinning Co., Ltd. ensures that each guideline is effectively implemented through continuous improvement activities.

Practice of human rights management

In order to spread a culture of respect for human rights, the company annually conducts sexual harassment prevention training, disabled awareness improvement training, and workplace harassment prevention training for executives and employees to raise their awareness of human rights.

The company plans to prevent human rights risks that may occur throughout the management activities by conducting a human rights impact assessment targeted to the employees and stakeholder every year. Evaluation items will be divided into areas such as prohibition of discrimination, prohibition of forced labor and child labor, creation of a safe working environment, and protection of freedom of association and the company plans to analyze the evaluation results and actively reflect them in our management activities while disclosing them outside the company at the same time.

Human rights impact assessment process

Human rights impact assessment
Conducting selfinspection for executives, employees and stakeholder
Risk analysis based on self-inspection results
Finding improvement points
Finding and carrying out improvements
Conducting due diligence
Due diligence on selfinspection issues
(if necessary)
Reflection into business activities
Implementation of corrective measures for human rights risks

Executives and Employees

Building capacities of executives and employees

Samil Spinning Co., Ltd. operates various talent development programs such as common essential training, mentoring, and leadership coaching programs for executives and employees' continuous competency development and growth.

Talent development program




Robot-related practical training

Robot operation principle
and maintenance

Packing/binding workers

3 Jeong & 6S practical training

How to establish Back to
the Basic (3Jeong 6S)

On-site and office employees

Smart factory practical training

Necessity and road map
for smart factory

On-site and office employees

Improvement of the working environment for executives and employees

Samil Spinning Co., Ltd. is implementing a wide range of systems that can increase executives and employees' work commitment with the belief that executives and employees will be able to boost their performance in a stable work environment where they can balance work and life. As part of these efforts, the company has introduced a selective working system, a ‘PC-Off’ system after business hours, and a telecommuting system, and is inspecting compliance with statutory working hours to prevent unnecessary overtime work. In addition, it is improving the working environment of executives and employees by supporting various welfare programs such as unrestricted vacation use, professional counseling support service, and support for home purchase.

Furthermore, the company has been actively gathering opinions from executives and employees and continued to implement improvement activities based on such feedback, including improving the restaurant environment in 2021 and interior work and replacement of fixtures for shower rooms and dressing rooms in 2022.

Performance evaluation and compensation

The company pursues a performance-based corporate culture that fairly evaluates the performance of executives and employees and provides reasonable compensations for such performances. The evaluation results are used only as a standard for compensation, and they do not affect promotion and position appointment to ensure fair evaluation.

Contribution to Local Community

Social contribution

Based on its corporate management philosophy, Samil Spinning Co., Ltd. is endeavoring to create social value and fulfill its corporate social responsibility through contribution activities for local communities in order to gain trust from society and contribute to the development of society and the country. To this end, the company is donating development funds for nurturing talents to its own scholarship foundation and the scholarship foundation of the Korea Federation of Textile Industries. The company plans to carry out more abundant social contribution activities in the future, and through these efforts, it will contribute to regional development.

Social contribution activities


Activity details

Samil Spinning
Scholarship Foundation

  • -

    Donated a total of KRW 200 million to the Daegu City Talent Development Foundation for 10 years

  • -

    Signed MOU with Daegu Technical High School and donated a total of KRW 100 million as development funds over 10 years

  • -

    Provided company field trip program for specialized high schools

Korea Federation of Textile
Industries Scholarship Foundation

  • -

    Annually donate the amount of KRW 23 million to textile related departments in local universities

Performance evaluation and compensation

Category Unit 2019 2020 2021
Costs Cash donations 17,335 13,932 14,382

Customer Satisfaction

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Samil Spinning Co., Ltd. is actively communicating with customers in order to provide high-quality products to domestic and foreign customers and to actively reflect customer needs in management activities.

In addition, it is strengthening our R&D competency to meet the customer expectations and demands through product quality improvement, new product development, and production facility advancement. The company also strives to realize customer satisfaction by thoroughly managing product quality across the entire production process (or service provision) using a real-time quality monitoring system.

It has built a communication system for each department to ensure the customer's opinion is promptly addressed once it is received from the product inquiry service of the customer center on the website. In addition, it attentively listens to the Voice of Customer (VOC) through various communication channels such as ARS and SNS, and continues to make efforts to identify potential improvements and carry them out by conducting a satisfaction survey on the VOC response.

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